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Maha Shanti Yoga

Schwabing, Ohmstr. 9

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Maha Shanti Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered School and offers Hatha Yoga classes which are taught in English. Currently all classes offered are Online Classes only.

Classes are based on the traditional teachings of classical Hatha Yoga informed by a contemporary knowledge of applied physiology and anatomy. Each 90 minute class includes a combination of asana (physical yoga postures),pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided relaxation.

All classes are team taught by Anna Wan and Juergen Hergenroeder, both Yoga Alliance Experience Register teachers with more than 16 years teaching experience. Using a team teaching approach, all classes provide a clear visual demonstration together with detailed instructions to ensure a better understanding, more precise alignment and a more effective and safer practice at all times.

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Open Yoga Class - Online
Morgen, 19:00 – 20:30 Uhr

Maha Shanti Yoga
Schwabing, München

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