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Masachis°YOGA @ Svaira Yoga - The Studio

Ludwigvorstadt, Lindwurmstraße 7

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I teach dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes that will challenge you physically, but also mentally.

For me, Yoga practice creates a deep awareness of the interconnectedness that’s within, and around us. Breath and movement become one. One single flow of energy, of life.

In my classes, I aim at creating a safe environment to explore what’s within us. What’s in here, now.

Every first week of each month I teach a special Yin Yoga class. These slow-paced classes, consisting of Yin Yoga poses held for a determined amount of time, are designed to enter a space where we can let go of the past, and receive with an open mind the new month that’s to come.

In all of my classes, asana practice (Vinyasa Flow-Yang or Yin) is rounded by the practice of breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques.
My classes are suited for movement lovers. Or simply people who enjoy dynamic Yoga flows, always accompanied by modern music, and a friendly atmosphere. You don’t need to be an advanced practitioner. Just, come with an open mind, and willing to learn together what’s truly possible in you.

I teach in English, but Spanish and French translations are possible.

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Vinyasa Flow With Sara (Medium)
Samstag, 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr

Yin Yoga With Sara
Samstag, 18:30 – 19:30 Uhr

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