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Masachis°YOGA @ Svaira Yoga - The Studio

Ludwigvorstadt, Lindwurmstraße 7

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Yoga Flow & Functional Yoga with Sara @SVAIRA YOGA -THE STUDIO

IMPORTANT: due to COVID-19 regulations spots are limited, make sure to save yours (email to! 

Hi there! My name is Sara, I teach dynamic Yoga Flow classes that will challenge you physically, but also mentally. For me, Yoga practice creates a deep awareness of the interconnectedness that’s within and around us. Breath and movement become one. One single flow of energy, of life. In my classes, I aim at creating a safe environment to explore what’s within us. What’s in here, now. On my ‘YOGA FLOW 2-3’ class, you will find a space where to work with intensity on this mind-body connection. It’s a sweaty hour, but a time for final relaxation and grounding it’s ensured too! It’s a Medium/Advanced level Vinyasa Flow class, thus, basic knowledge of the main principles of breath work and Yoga postures is required for this class. On the other side, my ‘FUNCTIONAL YOGA BASIC 1-2’ class it’s designed for ‘active beginners’ or for those of you who come from a different discipline (dance, physical theater, fitness, etc.) and are curious about the ‘experience of Yoga’. Here, we will work together through the basic principles behind each Yoga posture and the mechanisms of breath & movement connection. We will use tools of functional training that will allow us to create the body strength and awareness needed to explore the deeper layers of mind/body connection safely. I teach in English -but Spanish and French translations are possible. Mats, belts, blocks, blankets, etc., are available in the studio -as well as a shower-. See you on the mat!


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Morgen, 17:00 – 18:00 Uhr

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